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"Your Internet Cajun Supermarket"


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The shopping cart on this site is for U.S.P.S. service. Telephone orders are taken late afternoons & evenings till 10 pm (Central time) at 800-376-1039
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  FREE MARDI GRAS BEADS WITH EVERY ORDER! (does not apply to perishables) 

Your source for AUTHENTIC Louisiana, (Cajun, Creole & New Orleans) spices, hot sauce, seasoning, salt free seasoning, marinade, turducken, Cajun spicy mustard, foods, food mixes, bean & soup mixes, gumbo and gumbo file (fee-lay), jambalaya, dirty rice, jerky, roux (gravy base), beignet, corn bread and biscuit mix, shrimp crab and crawfish boil, candy, coffee, Pat O'Brien's Hurricane drink mix, daiquiri mix, gifts, souvenirs, vegetarian "meatless" meats, coffee, blackened seasoning, mustard, chow chow, cookbooks, gift boxes, recipes, picante sauce, barbecue rub on's and sauce, music, automatic crawfish peeler, popcorn seasoning, spaghetti mix, pure cane syrup, T-shirts, cooking aprons, posters, vegetarian "meatless" meats and jerky, music, gifts, Cajun accordion, and much more.

We have traveled all over Louisiana to hand pick each and every item listed on this web site.
We specialize in "Louisiana Only" Authentic Products. 

Andouille, Boudin
 & Tasso

Blackened Seasoning
Bread Pudding
Cajun Injector
Cajun Flip-n-Fry
Cane Syrup & Jellies
Cajun in your Pocket
Cocktail Mix
Cornbread Mix
Seafood Boil
Crawfish Booklet
Daiquiri Mix
Dip (Cajun)
Dirty Rice Mix
Dried Shrimp
Etouffe Mix
File' (fee-lay)
Fry (Fish/Chicken)
Gift Baskets/Boxes
Gift Certificates
Grandma Rena's Product Line
Gravy Mix
Gulf Shrimp
Gumbo Mix
Hot Sauce
Jambalaya Mix
Jellies (Pure Cane)
Ketchup (Cajun)
King Cake Mix
Mardi Gras
Mop (for grease)
Mustard (Cajun)
Other Mix
Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Mix
Peeler (Crawfish)
Picante Sauce
Pickle Slices (Cajun)
Pickled Quail Eggs/Crawfish Tails
Popcorn Rice Dinner Mix
Posters (Mardi Gras & more!)
Pralines (Candy)
Pure Cane Syrup & Jellies
Chef Paul Prudhomme Magic Seasonings
Red Sauce (Cajun Gravy)
Rice (Gourmet)
Roux (First you start with a...)
Salt Free Seasonings
Seasonings (Shake On)
Spaghetti Seasoning
Spatula (Acadian Nova Scotia) AND
with other carved spoon choices!
Swamp Classics (CD)
Syrup (Cane)  
Tabasco (Sportswear)
Ties (Cajun & Casino)

Turkey (Fried)
Vegetarian Products



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Read the HISTORY of the Cajuns.... Read the MYTH about Cajun food....

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Gifts Boxes, Baskets & Pirogues (cajun boat) filled with your choice of great Pure Cajun Products


New Orleans Top Shelf Collection
3-Pack Gift Set
Take Home some HEAT!

 1 Who Dat "Red Zone" Hot Sauce
 1 Voodoo "Hot Green Pepper" Sauce
 1 Cookin with Jazz New Orleans Blend Hot Sauce

Item # 75-501 --- $ 18.95 ea.


"C'est Bon" Gourmet Cajun Hot Sauce - IT'S BACK!!!

C'est Bon Hot Sauce - 13194 Bytes "C'est Bon" in French means "It's Good" and this is! Here is a hot sauce that is different! This is not your normal, thin, "pour out the bottle" type hot sauce. This is a "shake out the bottle" hot sauce. It's thick . . . almost like a salsa but not with the chunks. I've never seen (Or tasted) a hot sauce like this. It has so much flavor I eat it on chips with cheese as I would a salsa. It's not just a "fire" hot! It's a great tasting hot! If you want to try a new type hot sauce, this is the one. I highly recommend it. Bert Frilot

Item # 19-101 C'est Bon Cajun Hot Sauce
Net weight = 5 fl. oz. and 10 fl. oz available

You can order here --> purecajun.com/hotsauce.htm

Click for larger image of bottle then use the "BACK" button on your browser to return to this page.


Katrina Storm Hot Sauce
Killer Sauce with a Category 5 flavor and Category 3 heat

Item #18-113 ea. -- $ 5.50




FEMA Hot Sauce (novelty item only - empty bottle!)
Label reads,
"We'll fill the bottle when we get there.
All Natural Ingredients SHAKE WELL Refrigeration Not Required.
Directions For Use: Wait Patiently.
No Expiration Date
Thank you for not waiting for FEMA before buying this fine product.
0 Fl OZ (0mL)
Ingredients: Hot Air, Empty Promises, Lack of Direction, Not Much of Anything."

Item #18-114 ea. -- $ 3.00



We SADLY inform you of the sudden passing of our owner 
Bert Frilot
October 31, 1999.

Bert's daughter Lisa, has taken over Pure Cajun Products and knows that her father would want her to continue the company's success. Bert will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
Bert Frilot - 7720 Bytes

Meet Bert Frilot . . . Recording Engineer / Record Producer and former owner of Pure Cajun Products. (See photos of some stars Bert has worked with.)


Check out our NEW Items & Specials! See below...
Goldband Records
Hundreds of Cajun music available from the oldest recording studio around!
SPECIALS this month!
Gift certificates always available!

We offer many ways to place an order.

IF ALL ITEMS ARE NOT IN STOCK, YOUR ORDER WILL BE HELD UNTIL WE ARE ABLE TO SHIP YOUR ENTIRE ORDER. Otherwise, a second shipping charge will be required for backorders to be shipped separately. Although this is not a normal time frame, PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. If you need immediately, or would like to request 2-Day or Next-Day shipping, please call 504-237-6989 for arrangements and additional shipping options.

We MUST have a physical address. APO's are okay, but NO P.O. Boxes please. Thank you!

Sorry, no printed CATALOGS with pictures of items at this time. Since we are adding new products every few weeks, we are unable to keep printed catalogs current. If we were to print new catalogs every few weeks, the cost of our products would skyrocket. We have therefore decided to discontinue printing new catalogs. After all, this is the age of the Internet! Thank you for your understanding!

We ship around the world . . .


Pure Cajun Products
1103 Taylor Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70062 U.S.A.
800-376-1039 (7 days a week!)
(If we are not available during business hours or anytime, PLEASE leave a message and your call will be returned. For immediate assistance, call 504-237-6989.)

*** Thanks to my very good friend, Leo O'Neil for producing and recording the music heard on this site.  Need original music for your web site? Contact Leo at:  texas1@flash.net

Want some authentic Cajun music to go with your Cajun food? Goldband Records is the oldest record company in Louisiana. Founded in 1944, they are still producing the "real thing". Also specializing in "Oldies But Goodies"

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Visit our Texas neighbor -- Here's where you'll find the best Texas foods, spices, sauces and gift items (Including gifts for the home), and sports gifts (Caps, T-shirts, pennants, etc.)
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Also, see the:

for hand carved spoons...


The Boogie Kings - Louisiana's HOTTEST Blues & Pop band. Remember when bands use to have "REAL" horns in them? This is one of the best and also my favorite band. I use to record them back in the 60's and 70's. Not only a great band, but a bunch of nice guys I'm proud to call my friends. -- Bert Frilot - Pure Cajun Products

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